Ardmore Capital
can solve critical financial issues:

  • Obtaining debt and equity for additional growth

  • Searching for suitable acquisition candidates
  • Identifying and negotiating Strategic Alliances
  • Obtaining a value added corporate partner

  • Balance sheet restructuring and off balance sheet financing

  • Leveraging or de-leveraging a balance sheet

  • Advising a company through the public offering process.
  • Preparing a company for an IPO

How does Ardmore achieve results:

Frame the Company’s Story

  • Develop a compelling narrative and supervise all written materials. 
  • Analyze the Company’s Historical Financials and model its future potential
  • Value Financial assets and identify hidden assets both tangible and intangible 

Structure the Deal 

  • Target debt and cost effective capital over straight equity;
  • Capitalize on the Company’s strengths and Off Balance Sheet potential.
  • Structure for institutional investors with no predatory agendas.
  • Seek multiple proposals including European, and overseas entities for the best terms.

Implement Promotion of the Company and the transaction

  • Use extensive contacts for broad canvass of the marketplace.
  • Target the best institutions; avoid lower end entities:
  • Organize road shows to introduce the principals to the investor/lender.
  • Seek multiple offers for similar requirements.

Cut the Deal

  • Assist the client in negotiation.negiation
  • Be a sounding board for client and investor;
  • Know when to push and when to back off;
  • Support the client first, last and always.

Push the Documentation

  • Organize the responsibilities for the Close:
  • Assume those responsibilities as are appropriate:
  • Ensure that attorneys do not convolute any business points:
  • Press for fulfillment of the timetable:
  • Keep all requirements on time.

Achieve the desired result…...


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